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Mesotherapy Treatment Bristol Snowberry Lane Clinic

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    Mesotherapy is a dynamic treatment which can be used for a number of different skin issues.

    In this video, Snowberry Lanes Clinical Lead Nurse Ann Gabriel describes exactly what Mesotherapy is, what is can be used for and shows us how the treatment is performed on a patient.

    This type of treatment is commonly used to target the ageing process and help with areas that a patient would want to improve the appearance of.

    For the patient in this video the target area is the upper chest and around the neck a common problem area for ageing skin.

    Injections are administered to the target area.

    This creates stimulation around the fibroblast which will produce more collagen and in turn tighten the skin.

    It is important to note that this does not alter the volume of the area being treated and simply aims to reduce wrinkles, lines and help leave a smooth complexion.

    The treatment is very noninvasive in nature compared to similar skin treatments and can be used for a number of different ailments.

    Mesotherapy is well known for helping patients with stretch marks or for anyone suffering from alopecia.

    Receiving mesotherapy is quite quick.

    A patient will usually go through 2 short sessions every month for a period of 3 months, or until results are perfect.

    There may also be some check up and maintenance to see how well a patient is doing once or twice a year.

    To find out more about this treatment please visit http://www.snowberrylane.co.uk/treatments/meso.html

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