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Top 10 Greek Islands

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    This video is a compilation of 10 amazing Greek islands that anyone who is thinking of going Greek on their holidays this year should visit.

    The top 10 includes:
    Crete one of the most famous Mediterranean islands known for its clear blue waters and rocky shoreline, if you are someone who cant wait to get in the water, Crete is for you.

    It is the perfect spot for snorkelling and cliff diving.

    Halkidiki It might be hard to pronounce, but this island is so stunning youd be remiss for having your breath taken away.

    It is a very quiet island which is best if youre the type of person who just wants to pack a few books in their suitcase and read in the peace and quiet of a sunny day.

    Corfu A firm favourite among British holidaygoers, Corfu does have a reputation of a beach resort, but a trip in to the town itself will highlight just what local life is like in a gorgeous town.

    I recommend spending an afternoon walking around town to see why so many people like living here.

    Zante Head here any morning and youre bound to bump in to a lot of hungover partygoers who have been up to the wee hours If you are a young traveller going to Zante to party, dont get ripped off.

    This site http://www.justzante.co.uk/ has a handy guide on using the right ATM and what resorts are best

    Kos One of the most laid back islands you can holiday on, this is preferred by family and couples looking for romantic retreats.

    You can read more on Kos at http://www.markwarner.co.uk/sunholidays/greece/kos

    Skiathos A very compact and quaint island, Skiathos is loved among sailors and boat owners who can dock up for a few days undeterred.

    The main town sits on a hill and there are some great hiking trails long to way too.

    Parga Love strolling down little streets and checking out the shops? Then Parga is for you.

    Selling trinkets and local clothes, its the type of place you can go shopping and relax with a coffee at a small corner café.

    Afitos An underrated island, this is packed full of lush green surroundings and many of the beaches are only accessible by foot as youll see in this video.

    Its one of the only places where you can feel like the beach youre on has some level of remoteness and wont be ruined by the sound of traffic behind you going by.

    Elounda A fort island with stunning panoramas, this is the ideal destination for a history buff.

    It might not have the natural beauty of its neighbours, but the rugged shoreline and sandy beaches are never too busy.

    The area is actually on the other side of Crete, but is so remote people often says it is its own island.

    Read more about Elounda at http://www.explorecrete.com/creteeast/elounda.html

    Rhodes One of the classiest locations in Greece, Rhodes is somewhere that it chock full of style and sophistication.

    It is a very popular stop for cruise ships all year round and where the rich and famous go to soak up the culture.

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