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What is a BTU Calculator

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    A BTU Calculator is Short for British Thermal Units Calculator.

    But why would you ever need to use one? Well, the whole purpose of a BTU Calculator is to basically determine where you will be installing your radiator to get the most out of it for the room itll be present.

    It will also give a recommendation of how many radiators that you will need in the room to give it a comfortable heat.

    What actually is a BTU? Well its effectively the measure in what amount of heat is coming from the radiator.

    Itll usually depend on the size of your room, although other aspects can come into account, for example, the amount of windows the room has, what you use the room for this can all determine how much heat you will require.

    BTU Calculators will require you to fill in information like window type, if the radiator is sheltered of exposed, the length, width, room type, and depending on which calculator you use their could be more information required to secure an accurate reading.

    BTU Calculators are usually accessed using websites online, there is no need for a physical tool, as a lot of various websites has a widget installed into their sites, which will calculate your reading and give you the results instantly on your computer.

    For more information, visit: https://www.traderadiators.com/acatalog/heatingcalculator.html

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